Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mohelinsouthflorida.com discovers VENMO

This is not a regular blog about bris. But it does relate because people ask me all the time "How would you like to be paid?"

It's a "taboo" subject to be sure, because an honorarium for a mitzvah is not really a "payment," right? And because with the exception of when I travel a long distance, when it's more my time that is being compensated, I don't put a price on the mitzvah. People usually give what they can afford or what they feel is appropriate.

Whatever works for you works for me. Which up until now has been cash or check. With the "venmo" app (free), or online at venmo.com, you can process a credit card payment directly to me if you have my cell phone number. This way you can get the points (or whatever rewards your card offers) for the bris as well.

The app has other uses - such as ease of splitting bills at restaurants between friends, or utilities in a living situation where these things are split. But you can look it up and use it however you like.

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