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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Mohel in South Florida

There are many cities in Florida that do not have a local mohel. There may be some people who will opt to have a physician play the role on the traditional eighth day, and there are some who will bypass tradition opting for a hospital circumcision in the hospital on day 1 or day 2 of their baby's life. [I don't recommend this path because I believe that a bris milah is incomplete unless it is done by the right person on the eighth day - or afterwards, if delayed for medical reasons.] If a person chooses this latter method, the procedure described here Hatafat Dam Brit, would be needed to turn the circ into a bris.

For those who are looking for the traditional method, a bris done with a mohel, the difficulty comes in finding the right person for your needs, as well as someone willing to travel. 

The travel expenses are sometimes the biggest deterrent for people contemplating the traditional route. But if you think of bringing in a mohel as a one-time expense which, in most cases, doesn't repeat itself for at least two or three years (if not more, if there's a girl somewhere in the mix), then it becomes a little easier to stomach.

So whether you are looking for a mohel, moyle, moil, moyel, in Naples, in Fort (Ft.) Myers, in Sarasota, in Tampa, in Western Florida, or in Kendall, in Miami, in North Miami, in North Miami Beach, in Ft. Lauderdale, in Hollywood, in Boca Raton, in Delray Beach, in Pompano Beach, in Plantation, in Cooper City, in Palm Beach, in West Palm Beach, in Boynton Beach, in Aventura, in Weston, in Pembroke Pines, in Margate, in Deerfield Beach, in Lake Worth, or in Wellington (not to mention Jupiter, Stuart, Port St Lucie, or Orlando) - or even Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee or Pensacola, to which I am accessible by plane, be in touch! I'd be honored to join your family for the bris of your son!