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Here are some excerpts from the testimonial page.
This first one is from my pediatrician (and my kids' pediatrician) in NY - Dr. Moshe Schlusselberg of Pediatric Healthcare of L.I. and Five Towns Pediatrics
To Whom It May Concern;
It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Rabbi Avi Billet. I have had the honor of taking care of Avi as a teenager and then on through young adulthood. He has always demonstrated a quick mind and caring actions about his family friends and studies.
After he received smicha and became a certified Mohel in our community I was able to see his work first hand. I was present at many of the brisim that he performed since they were mutual patients that I had referred to him or people had sought him out on their own. I can say that his brisim are done to the most exacting standards  in Halacha and medicine today. Not only is he accomplished as a surgeon but he has an unique quality of making everyone concerned, relaxed and happy at the Bris. I have never seen any complications from any of the brisim he has performed or heard of any negative outcomes.
He will be a valuable addition to any community where he resides and a benefit to Klal Yisroel. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Respectfully yours,
Moshe Schlusselberg
Dear Rabbi Billet,
Thank you very much for making our sons bris experience go smoothly. You came highly recommended so we knew right away that we wanted you to perform the bris. This was our 4th bris, Thank G-d and our 3rd mohel. You were personable and caring throughout the entire experience. You cared about our family's needs. You were punctual, sterile, poised, and attentive. We would recommend you to anyone that needs a mohel.
Thank you,
Rabbi Josh and Penina Flug
...At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the mohel performs his job quickly, cleanly, and properly (acc to halacha), and that he is able to respond to our questions/issues before and after the procedure is completed. Rabbi Billet does all that, and much more.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Rabbi Billet as a mohel.

-Ovadya and Nechama Aryeh
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your caring and professional ways. The way you conducted the ceremony and follow-up visit to our home after the bris demonstrated to us that you are very caring and knowledgable in your profession.

Best regards and thank you,
--  Dr. Scott and Elianne Sims
Rabbi Avi Billet came highly recommended to perform our son’s Bris Milah. I understood why after our first meeting with him and his family prior to the Bris...  On the day of the Bris he was on time and well prepared. Everyone was impressed with how professional and sterile he was. He made the circumcision quick and painless(for us at least), but at the same time keeping it beautiful... Rabbi Avi is amazing to say the least. He made us feel like family. He treated my son as if he was his own. For this we thank him and his family with all our heart and recommend him highly. It was an honor to have him as our son’s mohel.
-- Five out of five stars from the Llewellyn family
My wife and I would like to thank you for being our Mohel at our son's recent bris. This was B"H our third Bris and you were our third Mohel. You were extremely sensitive and caring to both our son's needs as well as to our own...Your follow up care was more then expected... We would be delighted to recommend you to anyone in need of a Mohel.

-- Dr. Doni and Rivka Lindenberg
We chose you as the Mohel for our first son's Bris. We absolutely made the right decision. 1- Timeliness- you were on time for everything. My guests didn't have to wait at all. 2- Cleanliness- I felt very comfortable as i watched you prepare everything and the way you handled your instruments and the environment. 3- Follow up- You didn't just perform a Bris and that's it. you followed up with a visit and phone calls. 4- Finally, caring. I absolutely felt that you cared about our son and us.

-- Elliot Katz
Rabbi Avi Billet performed both of our son's Brit Milahs... Both experiences were fantastic... Judging by the care, pre and follow up visits, timeliness, and cleanliness, you would never know that Rabbi Billet lived out of town. Rabbi Billet makes the process as smooth as can be. Whether he is traveling or not, I would eagerly recommend Rabbi Avi Billet as a mohel.

-- E. Mansdorf