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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Comprehensive List of the Honors at a bris

The explanations for these roles and who gets them can primarily be found here, and in the latter half of this post.

Some of them have further explanations elsewhere in the blog: kvatter, Elijah's chair , etc.

* items marked with an asterisk are most commonly done,
- items marked with a dash and in parentheses are possibilities, but not necessary
* Kvatter - male and female who bring baby in to the room (transfer baby from Mom to Dad)

* Kisei Eliyahu/Elijah's Chair - places the baby on a specially designated chair

(- Min Hakisei (from the chair) - gives baby to his father)

* Sandak - holds the baby during the bris

(- Min Hasandak (very uncommon to have this) - takes baby off lap of sandak to give to...)

* Amidah L'brachos (Sometimes called the standing sandak) - holds the baby after the circumcision, for blessings (and naming - next honor)

(- Amidah for Krias Hashem - an additional honoree who takes the baby after two blessings and holds him while he is given his name)

* Brachos - the person who recites the blessings (in a mildly-traditional crowd, the rabbi or mohel will usually do this), and either does or does not name the baby (next honor)

(- krias hashem - the one who first announces the baby's up-until-now secret Hebrew name. Sometimes the person who says the blessings will also name the baby)

(- birkat hamazon - the one who leads the grace after the meals, particularly and ideally in the presence of a minyan of men.)

If you are not sure how to include everyone you need to include, let me know. We can always squeeze another one in.

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