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Monday, June 12, 2023

Thanks for Bris Milah (8 of 8)

I wrote an article for this book about Bris Milah, on the subject of 8 reasons for our having gratitude for this Mitzvah. This is the eighth and last part of this series of sharing this article here.

This leads to our final reason for giving thanks for the Bris: R Luria adds that when a person leaves prison he must give thanks. After emerging from the womb, a form of solitary confinement, thanks must be recited. As we wait until the bris to celebrate the baby’s arrival, the bris is the proper time to say “Hodu” in the presence of the community and its elders. This reason is a little circular, as we are only expressing thanks after emerging from the womb post the Milah, but since the Milah holds off our trigger for giving thanks, the thanks is still partly due to the Milah. 

 How appropriate it is that we have eight reasons for being thankful for the fundamental Mitzvah of Bris Milah, the defining covenant of our relationship with the Almighty, both in the Bris Milah ceremony, and in that regular opportunity afforded to us through Birkas Hamazon.