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Monday, May 1, 2023

Thanks For Bris Milah (5 of 8)

 I wrote an article for this book about Bris Milah, on the subject of 8 reasons for our having gratitude for this Mitzvah. This is the fifth part of this series of sharing this article here.

 A fifth reason to be thankful is for being His servants, as if branded like a slave for his master (Maharal Parshas Bo, Ch 12). Maharal reminds us that servitude only exists when there are people who serve. Pesach, which is only available as an “Avodah” to males who are circumcised, is a singular form of “service.” But Pesach alone doesn’t a servitude make. Milah is the key which demonstrates our being servants of the Almighty. It is how we fulfill being His servants (per Vayikra 25:55), and not servants of servants (Kiddushin 22b), that makes us worthy of redemption and of receiving the land – two of the promises associated with this Covenant.

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