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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Around Florida

On Friday I was in Gainesville for a bris.
Today (Sunday) I was in Orlando for a bris.

One-day trips are fun - the trip in and trip out require me to be at the top of my game (so to speak), because it is much harder to make follow up visits to these distant places.  I wrote about the limited time span and attention I give the baby here.

But in these last two trips (as in other cases I have not blogged about - or mentioned in this context), I rechecked the baby either an hour after the bris, or right after the bris, and found that he could be left with either a tiny bandage or NO bandage, and everything worked out beautifully.

No bleeding and simple care instructions for parents are the best results I could hope for.

I thank God these experiences went so smoothly. 

And, as always, I am grateful to the parents who put their trust in me, who seek me out even though I am not local.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Books About Bris

Three years ago, the seforim blog posted about Milah Books and Manuals, most of which are in Hebrew and have spanned all kinds of ranges of subject matter and target audiences. The blog post may be of interest to some people. So here is the link.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bris: Not Barbaric

Someone sent me a message on Facebook which said something along the lines of "What kind of person harms the integrity of the genitals? How do you live with yourself?" As I have mentioned here, this is not the forum to respond to the anti-circumcision people. This is a pro-bris website. So I choose to ignore (as in, not respond) to comments like this, because they serve no purpose. But in the event that an anti circumcision person comes across this discussion, I will try to explain here what I believe you (the anti-circumcision person) might not be able to understand.

Denuding the Shaft

I have written about this before, in the context of a discussion about arrogant mohels, and in the context of a bad story I was told by a baby nurse I worked with, and I hinted to it when I recounted a conversation I had with a urologist-grandfather with whom I worked directly. And I mentioned here why I would personally do my research in this regard were I to look for a mohel myself. Alas, being a mohel, I knew who was going to circumcise my sons.

But now I am calling it what it is.