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Saturday, January 15, 2011

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions SUMMARY

Short answers to the following questions can be found here

The links will send you to longer answers to the questions categorized below...

* I'm a practical person and don't have time for all this. What do I need to know and do to prepare for a bris? You can start by utilizing all the "page" links at the top of the page, or you can go to this blog post which covers each essential thing you need to find, from the preparations for the bris to the longer term care instructions and things to note.

* Anythoughts on how to find the right mohel? (Aside from calling the number on the right of the page? :) Seriously though -- Important to know what you're looking for and to ask the right questions, basically - do your research!! My own comparison of Billet vs the other guys
* What is your training? (read my mini bio on this homepage)
* Why did you become a mohel? What do you enjoy about being a mohel?
* Are you a doctor? No.  Does a mohel need to be a doctor? Read the second half of this post
* (or read this article from the jweekly of California)

* What do I need for a bris? Supplies
* What is the setup for a bris? Setting up the room
* What goes into preparing a bris party? What is an appropriate venue for a bris?

* How does the ceremony work? (General overview of the Ceremony)
* How is a circumcision done? Methods,
* What exactly happens in a circumcision? Before and After (note the link to the circumcised banana)
* Explain the honors of the ceremony: HONORS LIST (more detailed list of the honorsKvatter, Kisei (Chair of) Eliyahu (Elijah the Prophet), Sandak
* What is metzitzah? As straight as I can give it to you, An Additional Thought, Is it a "Mitzvah"?
* How do you balance inclusion of family, friends and guests in the ceremony? Having Family and Friends Involved (includes honors list)
* What surgical instruments and supplies are used in a circumcision?  SHIELD              TUBE               KNIFE              PROBE             HEMOSTATS           MARKER              GLOVES             NUMBING

* How do I care for my son after the bris? Instructions  Thoughts on Tylenol
* What will it look like? Before and After
* What can go wrong? Common issues  Correctable and Really Bad, Long term Care Reminder

* How does it work if one of us (baby's parents) is not Jewish? A: If his mother is Jewish...  What Makes a Jew, Mohel's role in circumcising half-Jews (one Jewish parent) and non-Jews
* What will the bris itself (circumcision - mohel's role) cost? Initial Thoughts   and    More straightforward
* How important is sterility really? OneTwo,  Three
* Is there a difference between a bris and a circumcision? This topic,  Related conversation

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