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Monday, January 18, 2010

Instructions for After-Care

While there is still a bandage

* Before every diaper change, wash your hands with soap and water
* Prepare a gauze pad with a generous heap of A&D ointment on it.
* Open the diaper, wipe as normal – do not touch the gauze or bandage.
* Before closing the new diaper, reach under the gauze to hold the wrapped bandage in place, then gently remove the gauze pad.
* If the gauze pad sticks, either leave till next diaper change or apply a small amount of baby oil to spot that sticks, then remove.
* Replace with new gauze pad, placing center of the gauze over the glans, pinching the sides of the gauze so it forms a tent over the penis. (Take care not to pinch or squeeze the glans)
* Close diaper.

Once bandage is off (typically after the last time I see the baby)

* First twenty fours hours, apply polysporin/bacitracin on gauze as above
* After twenty four hours of no bandage, apply polysporin/bacitracin directly (no gauze) for two to three full days, at every diaper changing (you can dispense it directly and rub it in with your finger, or dispense onto a Q-tip and apply with the Q-tip)
* After the three or four day period, ointments should no longer be applied as the bris needs to finish healing on its own.
* Baby can bathe the following evening (24+ hours) after the bandage comes off.

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