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This page is divided into a few major topics, with all the blog postings in indexed according to their most general topics. Some postings appear multiple times because they fit into more than one category. One note about the "rules of the blog and what comments will be accepted, responded to, or ignored"

About Me (Personal)

Why I Love Being a Mohel
Life and Times - busier and less busy times :)
Is the Mohel a Doctor?
An Important Lesson - What Never to Say
Thoughts on Bris Humor
What I Learned in the Operating Room
The Honor of Being Called Again - a "repeat" customer
Becoming more Efficient - all on account of being a traveling mohel
A Personal Note on a Unique Friendship

Vindicated! - A story that took 5-6 years to come full circle
Moheling Around - More about the range of a mohel's experiences
Special Merit
Being a Consultant
honesty from a mohel
Why Hire MohelInSouthFlorida
The Sensitivity Factor
When the Mohel's Wife Gives Birth to a Boy
Getting Two Calls for the Same Timeslot
An appreciated compliment
A beautiful Sentiment
Flattering Conversation
The Importance of Open Communication between Mohel and Parents
Twins and French Jewry

Advertising mohelinsouthflorida services (in this blog)
Rabbi AVI Billet in the newspaper - Boca Rabbi's son's bris
AUDIO TUTORIALS (follow the link and instructions)
Bris Workshop in Your Area - A few of your friends expecting a baby? Let's set up a class to learn everything you need to know before a bris
The Process - From When you call me until the bris
A helpful APP - Venmo
A Different Experience (than with other mohels)
Being A Mohel In South Florida
It's WORTH A PHONE CALL - if you want A-1 Service, but live in New York, call me! I might be in town anyway, or cheap flights are available. Never hurts to call
A Traveling mohel
Getting Around Florida
Photos (and Facebook)
Available - With Flexibility
Mohel in Central Florida
Mohel Anywhere in Florida
Getting Around Florida
A Bris in Puerto Rico
A Mohel in Miami - laugh at ridiculousness, please
Pinch Hitting - Filling in for a missing mohel
Quite the Compliment!
A Skilled Operator - Another wonderful compliment!
Inquiries Welcome
MohelinSouthFlorida Stats!
A grandparents record!

Bris, How It Is Done - Mohel's Bag of Tricks
SHIELD              TUBE               KNIFE              PROBE             HEMOSTATS          FORCEPS 

MARKER              GLOVES             NUMBING

Bris, and its Symbolism
The Shalom Zachar - Friday night before the bris
The Beauty of the Bris
Typical Bris Setup
The Inspiration of Bris
Why We Stand at a Bris
Why We Name the Baby at the Bris
Invoking the Bris During Davening (Prayers)
How Emotions Overtake Us - the story of the father who forgot his lines
The Significance of the Bris [audio class]
וכרות עמו הברית - during davening
Why We Circumcise - the Footnote
Not Understanding the Bris - includes a video of a bris gone crazy

Caring for the circumcision 'wound'
Thoughts on NUMBING the foreskin
What to Prepare for the Bris
Instructions for After Care
What Will it Look Like Before and After
How I Explain How it will look - with pictures!
Photos of a Healing Bris
Looks Swell - No? - on swelling
Is Tylenol a solution for a cranky baby?
What I learned in the Operating Room
Knowing What to expect afterwards
Talking to a Urologist - observations about circumcision from a grandfather at a bris (see follow up to this story here: A Promise Fulfilled)
Long term Care Reminder
CHUBBY BABY Syndrome - How alot of baby fat is disheartening for a few months
Fusion Challenge
The Myth of Bleeding Vein

Ceremony and Honors
Shalom Zachar - the pre-bris Ceremony
Multiple Babies
Typical Bris Setup
Why We Stand at the Bris
Family Involvement
The Ceremony and the Honors
A Comprehensive List of Honors for the Bris
THE MOST IMPORTANT KIBBUDIM - including a "don't do this" tale
What is A Kvatter
The Father's Role in the Bris Ceremony
The Role of the Sandak
Elijah the Prophet
The Wine --- And the WINE part II (a sterile approach)
Morning Prayer - וכרות עמו הברית
Including Women in the Ceremony
If you would like a bris certificate...

Methods of Circumcision
Do You Use a Clamp? - Defining Clamp v Shield (and no, I don't use a clamp)
Don't Use the Mogen Clamp
News Out of Israel
Conversation about Clamps
The Conceptual Problems With Clamps
Halakhic Objections to Clamps

Health concern = Priority #1

A Note on Jews, Religion and Observance
Hatafat Dam Brit
What Makes a Jew
Bris For Conversion
Circumcision for Conversion - my perspective on circumcision services (such as when the baby's mother is not Jewish) vs bris services
Circumcisions Versus Brisses - Circumcising Jews, Half-Jews, Non-Jews
When the Baby's Mother is Not Jewish

What Kind of Party
Don't Let Finances Deter You from hiring a mohel (as opposed to going the hospital circ route)

Customs and Such
Worms I, Worms II

Fees (Honorarium)
The Afterthought Question (first post)
Final Word on Honorariums (second, more practical post)
The Honorarium "page"
Cash, Check, and CREDIT CARD (via the "Venmo" App)

Fun Stuff
The Photo that Went VIRAL
Source for metzitzah
How do you spell Moyle?
Hollywood Mohel Will Travel
A List of Brisses from the 1700s
Bris Humor
Bris Certificate
Funny Story? You decide
A Good Line - an unplanned humorous encounter
The rabbi with the good line
The irony in a given name - an ironic tale
Another Humorous Exchange
How I Explain How Things Will Look After the Bris
The Story of Pinchas Who was almost Eisav
Remembering Our Roles - the grandmother who forgot she was a grandmother
An Inspired Teaching - Based on a joke the sandak told me
Response to Correspondence I've received
Is the Mohel a Doctor?
Taking Decor to a Whole New Level
How Mickey Mouse Saved the Bris
When the Baby is a Girl
To Be a Mohel in Miami
Not too many pictures in this Bris Website
The Month of Nissan - When One Perk is Irrelevant
Not Saying Tachanun - Why Tachanun Is Cancelled When Mohel Has a Bris
Good Ole Perks
Does the Baby Need a Kippah?
Born without a foreskin?
3-day Yom Tov Mohel Blues - can't be everywhere when you can't travel
Streamlining the Blog - Most Important Things to Know

Hatafat Dam
Comments on the Ceremonial pin prick

Methods and Clamps
Cleanliness and Efficiency
One of my favorite bandages
Methods of Circumcision
Do You Use a Clamp? (No I don't)
Bris v Circumcision
News out of Israel
What I learned in the operating room
In the local Florida newspaper
The Magic of a Marker
Related to Previous - Getting the Percentages Right
Milah and Priah in One Act
And the Flip Side - Bris in One Stage or Two

The METZITZAH PAGE - Links to many articles about Metzitzah
See what Metzitzah is - VIDEO (not me :)   )
Source for Metzitzah (joke)
Some Thoughts on Metzitzah
Another Thought on metzitzah
Early sources for Metzitzah? Who will find...
Metzitzah Clarification - No, I NEVER infected a baby
Metzitzah - in a Nutshell (why we do it, and why it's best to utilize the tube method)
Making Metzitzah Optional
A Debate on this subject
A Medical Opinion Article in the Jewish Week (+ some logic)
Response to the News About March 2012 baby-death story - geared at explaining Metzitzah to non-Jews
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report - 2012 conclusions about controversial ritual
Why Metzitzah With the Mouth is DANGEROUS by Rabbi Dr. Ronnie Hassan
Why I Disagree With the Agudah on Metzitzah
Another opinion Re Metzitzah and NYC
My Article in the Jewish Week
Arukh haShulhan approves Metzitzah tubes!
Metzitzah Tale Gone Bad (in the news) - not terrible ending though
Topic That Won't Go Away
More of the - NYC Metzitzah Policy

The joy of TWINS - with a photo!    and another photo
It's All About the Baby
AMAZING bris experience
How do you spell MOIL, MOHEL
When to call the mohel
When Baby is REALLY Small
What to Prepare for the Bris
Bris Humor
BEFORE AND AFTER - What it Looks Like
The Importance of Trust
Timing the Bris - Figuring out when the bris will take place
DELAYING a Bris - when and under what circumstances?
C-Section differences
Source for the Bris Party
Calling the mohel does not equal booking the mohel
MohelinSouthFlorida Goes Intergenerational
Foreskin - how is it disposed of?
Historical - portrayal of adult circumcision for conversion
Historical - a list of circumcisions from the 1700s
Are there BOOKS about Bris? [Not to many in English - you'll find much more information in this website!]
Amazing story attached to baby's name

Miscellaneous Essays:
What Makes a Jew
Emotions vs Intellect vs God's Law (Part I)
Emotions vs Intellect vs God's Law (Part II)
Bris: Not Barbaric - Another essay on the subject of why we do bris and why anti-circumcision advocacy is irrelevant to our discussion
Circumcisions versus Brisses - status of circumcision based on baby's birth status from his mother
When Baby Dies Uncircumcised
Bris v Circumcision (medical versus by a mohel)
Women and the Covenant of Circumcision
Including Women in the Ceremony
Denuding the Shaft
A connections between Chanuka and Bris Milah
Why I don't perform a "bris" ritual ceremony (as opposed to a medical circ) when the baby's mother isn't Jewish
Being an Uncircumcised Jew - Conversation with an elderly Jew from former Soviet Union
Being Anti-Circumcision in Europe is Anti-Semitism disguised as Liberalism
Stimulus Response - noting Maimonides...
Maimonides Reasons for Circumcising I
Maimoindes Reasons for Circumcising II
What is the Covenant of Circumcision?
Achieving Perfection - a thought about the covenant
When bris is on a fast day 
The Shabbos Bris
An Act of Faith - What Circumcision is Really All About

Putting Your Mind At Ease
The Color White
Hollywood mohel will travel
Different Types (Levels) of Mohels
Mohel's Role in the Ceremony
How to Find a Mohel
Doctor Vs Mohel
Special Role of Being a Mohel
Sensitivity Factor

Mohel Standards
Inauthenticity of "Authenticity - why old-school is not always best for baby.
Awareness Factor - parents must know what you are looking for!
Cleanliness and Efficiency
It's All About the Baby
Different Types of Mohels
The Danger of Arrogance
Sterility and Cleanliness
Jews, Religion and Observance
Is the Mohel a Doctor?
Observations of a Urologist
news out of Israel
Gloves and Gloves revisited
Perhaps a better way to give the baby wine
Creating Standards for Sterility
Marking the Foreskin with a Marker
Dealing With Multiple Brisses on the same day
Mohel's Role in the Ceremony

Some articles in the News
March 2014 - some articles about Bris and Circumcision

News Monitor: Circumcision Recommended to cut down on STDs

News Monitor - The "pro-bris but anti-circumcision" movement

News Monitor - Botched circ - not a botched bris. (ie doctor v mohel)

News: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report about Metzitzah

News: Europe and Germany [see the bottom of this page]
Good news and bad news out of Germany

News: Israel
News out of Israel - about inefficient circumcisions (the mohel who did not remove enough)
Israel and Europe - 2013 - Fighting Anti-Cirumcision Bills

News: Washington
House Bill protects Circumcision

News: New York
Baby Dies From Metzitzah With Direct Oral Contact - part 1

Part 2 - just a couple of linnks following the story
Part 3 - My Response to the story and the media
More on Metzitzah and Herpes
A wise opinion about NYC and metzitzah (IMHO)

News: San Francisco - The attempt to make circumcision illegal
Monitoring the News - San Francisco
No Indication of Anti-Semitism (San Francisco II)
San Francisco Ban Part III
San Francisco IV - The Final Chapter

OPINION Piece in HA'Aretz - that circumcision will be rejected by the Jewish People????

Parents, Notes to
ALL you need to know, in one easy blog post (links)
Dear Husband
My Gratitude and Your Responibilities
When anatomical abnormalities cancel a bris, and what you tell your family
Being Aware of What you Should Be Asking Your Mohel
Bringing KIDS to a Bris?
The Father's Role in the Bris
And... Should the Father DO the circumcision?
The Right to Choose
Who Gets To NAME the baby
It's All About the Baby
Numbing - Should I? Or shouldn't I?
Putting Your Mind at Ease
Putting Parents at Ease
Why baby can't eat before the bris
Instructions for After Care
When the Bris Turns out Poifect!
Importance of Trust
He's Your Son Really
Finding a Mohel in South Florida
Important Reminders
If You Choose to Do the Circumcision Under My Supervision (to set your mind at ease)
TOP TEN - Don't Make These Mistakes! - you'll kick yourself afterwards!
The Myth of the Bleeding Vein - a note for fathers who want to perform the circumcision
The sometimes TWO STAGES of a bris

Family and Friends Focused
When to Call the Mohel
What Kind of Party
What to Prepare for the Bris
Private Room
Kippah for baby?
Bris at Night?

What problems with the baby would cause the bris to not take place on time - ie to be delayed?
When DOES the DELAYED BRIS take place?
When There is NO BRIS due to a baby's anatomical reality
news out of Israel
Most Common Issues After the Bris
What Will it Look Like Before and After
What Happens in Circumcision
What I Learned in the Operating Room
What Can Go Wrong at the Bris
The Part No One Talks About (relates to previous)
The One-Two Stage Process (a positive twist on previous)
Knowing What to Expect Afterwards
The Fusion Challenge (related to previous)
MYTHBUSTER: The Bleeding Vein
Vindicated!- a story of a not as great bris experience, with a satisfying (for me) conclusion
This should NEVER happen - a tale told to me by a baby nurse
Denuding the Shaft

Questions to Ask
Good Questions to Ask ANY Mohel
Prioritizing Our Questions
Wrong Attitude is NOT to Ask
FAQ - Summary (links to answers to the questions) - Shorter Answers Appear in a Link at the top of the page
Inquiries Welcome

Cleanliness and Efficiency
Sterilize and Reuse vs. Disposable
Sterility and Cleanliness - Can't Overemphasize
Gloves   and Gloves Part II
On Creating Standards for Sterility
In the Florida News

Stories that are Inspiring or just Nice
Bris Where the 3 Boys Were Killed
A Promise Fulfilled
Best Line - Great Story
First Bris of 2016 - WOWZA
The Infertility Miracle Twins

Beauty of the Bris
Inspiration of Bris
Covenants in the Torah
Why We Name the Baby at the Bris
Elijah the Prophet
Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch on Bris Symbolism
What's in a Name?
Saying וכרות עמו הברית Together at the bris
Significance of Bris [audio class]
The Shalom Zachar - sources of the Friday night celebration
Why We Circumcise - the Footnote
What is the Covenant of Circumcision?
Achieving Perfection

NEWS IN EUROPE (GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND) - These are links to news articles.
Not always in chronological order - but the latest news is at the bottom