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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Miscellaneous Essays

Miscellaneous Essays:

Anti-Semites and Anti-Semitism
Bris: Not Barbaric - Another essay on the subject of why we do bris and why anti-circumcision  advocacy is irrelevant to our discussion
An Act of Faith - What Circumcision is Really All About
Addressing Anti-Circumcision Claims
Bris and the Challenge of Consent (or lack of consent)
Being Anti-Circumcision in Europe is Anti-Semitism disguised as Liberalism

Covenant Explained
What is the Covenant of Circumcision?
Achieving Perfection - a thought about the covenant

Emotions, their place in bris arguments
Emotions vs Intellect vs God's Law (Part I)
Emotions vs Intellect vs God's Law (Part II)

Maimonides, Bris and Circumcision
Stimulus Response - noting Maimonides...
Maimonides Reasons for Circumcising I
Maimoindes Reasons for Circumcising II

Medical Procedure?
Bris v Circumcision (medical versus by a mohel)

A connections between Chanuka and Bris Milah
Being an Uncircumcised Jew - Conversation with an elderly Jew from former Soviet Union
When bris is on a fast day 
The Shabbos Bris
When Baby Dies Uncircumcised

Mohels Who Should Not Operate
Danger of Arrogance
Denuding the Shaft
A debate I had with a myopic person

Non-Jews: Mother, Baby and the bris (or the circumcision?)
Why I don't perform a "bris" ritual ceremony (as opposed to a medical circ) when the baby's mother isn't Jewish
What Makes a Jew
Circumcisions versus Brisses - status of circumcision based on baby's birth status from his mother

Women and the Covenant of Circumcision
Including Women in the Ceremony

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