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Monday, May 11, 2015

An Act of Faith

Life has taken it's toll on blogging, thank God. Our son was born a month ago, and I chose not to repost what I had written the last time this happened. However, I did post the news on my Facebook page, and I was summarily attacked by anti-circumcision advocates who are either self-hating Jews, ignorant Jews or erstwhile anti-Semites. All hiding under the guise of "liberalism." The essential message they share is "I respect your religion until I have problems with your religion." Or perhaps, "You can only observe your religion in the manner that I see fit." Sigh.

As I noted here, Maimonides goes into intricate detail of his view as to why we circumcise our sons. And while one may or may not like his arguments (some of them - certainly when taken out of context, and in either case when not taken in the overall picture of Maimonides' worldview - might be easily misunderstood), I think his view can best be summarized in this one sentence.
No one, however, should circumcise himself or his son for any other reason but pure faith.
It really is as simple as that.

These pages are not really an invitation for debate about the pros and cons of circumcision. The Jewish people do not care if other members of society circumcise, nor do we care if they choose not to circumcise their sons.

For us, the Bris Milah (Covenant over Circumcision) turns the act of circumcision into a Covenental Rite, and the question of the value of the foreskin is not even raised. (There is a very insightful way to understand it if one reads through the Bible (in particular the books of Judges and Samuel) and notes how the words "uncircumcised" or "foreskin" are used).

Bris Milah is an Act of Faith which includes a circumcision. I am truly sorry if that offends people. But our children don't find it offensive (except the self-hating or ignorant Jews as mentioned). And our dedication to this act has outlived all those who were against it before, and it will also outlive the modern day activists.

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