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Here are the items you'll need for before, during, and after the bris ceremony - with a brief description of when or why each is needed.

• 2 firm pillows (to hold the baby before, during and immediately after the ceremony)
• 1 small wastebasket (for packagings, bandages, and the occasional dirty diaper)
• 5 disposable diapers with wipes (in case baby soils more than his share...)
• 5 hospital-style receiving blankets (not expensive blankets) (see previous)
• 1 box of 25 individually wrapped 3"x3" gauze pads (to put on top of the dressing)
• 1 6oz.-8oz. tub of Vaseline (to lubricate the bandage and/or the healing circumcision)
• 1 bottle of sweet kosher red wine (for the blessings which accompany the bris)
• 1 kiddush cup (to hold the wine :) )
• If you are not nursing, bring a bottle for the baby. Otherwise bring mommy!
• Some people like to bring an actual camera (beyond a smart phone), but that is a personal choice and not needed.

Italicized items can be purchased at any pharmacy, and the ointments can be generic


If you prefer not to deal with most of this, you can go to, click on my name (Rabbi Avi Billet) and order the "Bris Bag" (call if you have questions - 1 877 BRIS BAG (274-7224)). They'll send you everything but the pillows, wastebasket, wine and kiddush cup in an attractive fabric diaper bag. *I have no financial ties with this service. The information is provided for those who wish to utilize the service, to help support their business.*

If you get the Bris Bag, you still need to bring (from the above list):
  • Pillows 
  • Wine + Kiddush cup
  • Wastebasket
  • (Wipes, if you use them)
The Bris-Bag includes the following items:

A diaper/supplies bag
25 - 3X3 sterile gauze pads
2 large tubes of Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly
5 cloth diapers (receiving blankets)
5 size-1 disposable diapers