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Sunday, September 19, 2010


The number of testimonials below reflects only those who have found the time to share their experiences. Others have had glowing thanks, emails and "reviews" but if they don't make it public, I respect their privacy. [typically if one doesn't post here right after the bris, it usually slips the mind]. 

If you have any feedback that will help others utilize the same service you received (patience, caring, information, sterility, cleanliness, sensitivity), feel free to leave them in the comments.

If you are comfortable leaving a name or email address, that would be appreciated as well. (if you write it out like "avbillet at gmail dot com" that will help avoid potential spammers - though you may get inquiries from real parents looking to hear from someone other than me about their bris experience.)

Thank you for your trust in me, your patience, and for including me in this special time in your lives, the birth and bris of your son. And if you leave contact information, thank you for availing yourself to others seeking a similar experience to your own.

Avi Billet


  1. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    My family and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at the bris of my son, David. You beautifully integrated the private family-attended procedure and ceremony, with a meaningful and welcoming celebration that was very much appreciated by our guests who arrived. Most importantly, the baby evidenced minimal fussiness, and the circumcision healed beautifully. We could not have asked for a better overall experience.

    With kind regards,
    Dr. Scott and Elianne Sims

  2. Rabbi Avi Billet came highly recommended to perform our son’s Bris Milah. I understood why after our first meeting with him and his family prior to the Bris. My wife and I knew selecting a good mohel was going to be the first of many important decisions that would affect our son for the rest of his life. It might sound trivial but our number one concern was how the cut would look for years to come and that it would heal properly. Our first meeting with Rabbi Avi was unbelievable. He and his wife welcomed us with a warm embrace into their home. He answered all of our questions with ease and put our concerns to rest with his knowledge and confidence around this subject. There was no question he did not have an answer for. He explained the whole process from start to finish , at one point my wife and I looked at each other and smiled because we knew we found what we were looking for.

    On the day of the Bris he was on time and well prepared. Everyone was impressed with how professional and sterile he was. He made the circumcision quick and painless(for us at least), but at the same time keeping it beautiful. He told us what to expect over the following days and explained how to treat our son’s sensitive area. He also wanted to see him a couple of hours after to make sure all was well. Everything took place during the busiest time of the Jewish year, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and yet he found the time to visit our home days after our son was born, answer all our calls or return them in a timely manner, perform the Bris, and see our son just hours before Yom Kippur came in. He also called after to see how our son was doing and answer any questions we had.

    Rabbi Avi is amazing to say the least. He made us feel like family. He treated my son as if he was his own. For this we thank him and his family with all our heart and recommend him highly. It was an honor to have him as our son’s mohel.

    Five out of five stars from the Llewellyn family

  3. Doni and Rivka LindenbergThursday, 13 January, 2011

    Rabbi Billet,
    My wife and I would like to thank you for being our Mohel at our son's recent bris. This was B"H our third Bris and you were our third Mohel. You were extremely sensitive and caring to both our son's needs as well as to our own. We were extremely comfortable with you from the moment you entered our home 3 days prior to Yoni's Bris. Your follow up care was more then expected. I might add that our Bris took place over shabbos in a community that was not your own. We would be delighted to recommend you to anyone in need of a Mohel.

    Doni and Rivka Lindenberg
    Boca Raton, Florida

  4. Eli and Naomi KatzTuesday, 01 March, 2011

    Rabbi Billet,
    We chose you as the Mohel for our first son's Bris. We absolutely made the right decision. 1- Timeliness- you were on time for everything. My guests didn't have to wait at all. 2- Cleanliness- I felt very comfortable as i watched you prepare everything and the way you handled your instruments and the environment. 3- Follow up- You didn't just perform a Bris and that's it. you followed up with a visit and phone calls. 4- Finally, caring. I absolutely felt that you cared about our son and us.
    I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job. Keep up the good work,

  5. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    Thank you so much for serving as Jadon Ahron's mohel.

    Everyone at his brit milah understood and appreciated the significance of this important event thanks to your presentation and skill.


    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen

  6. Rabbi Avi Billet performed both of our son's Brit Milahs, most recently in April 2011. For the first Milah he was still living in New York, and for the second he had already become the traveling mohel and was living in Florida. Both experiences were fantastic. Whether you have need a mohel in South Florida or elsewhere, you could not make a better choice than Rabbi Avi Billet. Judging by the care, pre and follow up visits, timeliness, and cleanliness, you would never know that Rabbi Billet lived out of town. Rabbi Billet makes the process as smooth as can be. Whether he is traveling or not, I would eagerly recommend Rabbi Avi Billet as a mohel.

  7. We used Rabbi Avi Billet as the mohel for both our sons. For our first son (born in 2008), we had to decide between the several Mohels that were referred to us by friends/family. However, our decision didn't require much deliberation. It took one meeting/conversation with Rabbi Billet to see how he was different from the rest, and our minds were immediately made up.

    Rabbi Billet gave us a sense of comfort in knowing that the circumcision was going to be done in the most sterile and professional manner, combined with legitimate care and concern for the baby, for my wife (and yes, for me- the concerned dad who was up there the whole time watching everything from a few feet away!). He answered every one of our questions patiently and was readily available both before and after the procedure to assist us with any issue that arose. Rabbi Billet's expertise, and his attention to every last detail, ensured that the entire ceremony went over flawlessly.

    For the above reasons, it was clear that we were going to use Rabbi Billet for our second son (April 2011). When we found out that the baby was due to arrive right before Passover, we were worried that Rabbi billet would not be available and that we would have to use a different mohel. We couldn't imagine trying to use someone else for our son's Brit! It legitimately weighed on our minds for weeks, but thankfully, the Brit took place on one of the Intermediate days of Passover and Rabbi Billet flew in from Florida to help us bring our son into G-d's covenant.

    Once again, the ceremony was flawless, the wound healed quickly and properly, and mom and dad had a sense of comfort that we were using the best person for the job. In fact, a number of guests came over to us afterward to comment on how impressed they were with Rabbi Billet.

    I do not hesitate when I say that we would fly Rabbi Billet in to perform the Brit for any sons with whom we may be blessed in the future. We wouldn't use another Mohel, even someone more local, to do the procedure. Rabbi Billet is sterile, professional, friendly, warm, caring, knowledgeable, and in control. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the mohel performs his job quickly, cleanly, and properly (acc to halacha), and that he is able to respond to our questions/issues before and after the procedure is completed. Rabbi Billet does all that, and much more.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Rabbi Billet as a mohel.

    -Ovadya and Nechama Aryeh

  8. Dear Rabbi Billet,
    You were an amazing mohel and you definitely put us at ease and took care of our son exceedingly well. You made what could have been a stressful and scary experience a very calm and meaningful one.
    Thank you very much,
    Adina and Daniel

  9. Rabbi Billet is wonderful! He performed the bris on our son Riley about two years ago, and was extremely caring, competentent, relatable, and kind. He did an outstanding job and our whole family is extremely grateful!
    Thank you,
    Jody, Brandon, Joshua, and Riley

  10. You helped us out when my niece's son was born on Shabbat I Chanukah in 2006 and none of the local mohelim would perform his brit milah on SHabbat II CHanukah because his father was not Jewish, or so they claimed.

    You came, getting hospitality at the home of the Jamaica Estates Young Israel Rabbi and coming to us at noon. You did a great job and I did call you when we knew our daughter was having a boy.

    Learning you were now in South Florida, we did not even call you when our grandson was born in March 2010--also on Shabbat! The mohel my daughter got--who is also a physician--did a TERRIBLE job. The poor baby has had to have surgical correction since.

    I will happily attest to your superb skills and manner!

    Cheryl Meyer

  11. Rabbi Avi Billet performed the Bris Milah for both of our sons. In each instance, he was nothing short of professional and he went the extra mile to explain to us every step of what we needed to obtain and do, before, during, and after the Bris. We have recommended him to our friends and will continue to do so, IY"H.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer and Steven Frankel

  12. We were so fortunate to have Rabbi Avi Billet as the mohel for both our sons, one in 2003 and one in 2007. Rabbi Billet is highly skilled and knowledgeable and he conveys this with an easygoing demeanor that calms anxious parents. The bris itself was a painless experience for all, and both boys healed beautifully. We felt that Rabbi Billet was with us every step of the way, even addressing a concern we had when my son was four months. We cannot imagine a better experience!

    Ayelet and Shmuly Katz

  13. Rabbi Avi Billet is a fantastic mohel. He cared for our baby and us like we were his own family. Avi took time to truly transform our son's bris into a spiritual and meaningful experience for all of us. He exemplifies everything a mohel should be. I am happy to recommend Avi to anyone who is blessed with having to make a bris.

  14. Dear Rabbi Billet,
    Thank you very much for making our sons bris experience go smoothly. You came highly recommended so we knew right away that we wanted you to perform the bris. This was our 4th bris, Thank G-d and our 3rd mohel. You were personable and caring throughout the entire experience. You cared about our family's needs. You were punctual, sterile, poised, and attentive. We would recommend you to anyone that needs a mohel.
    Thank you,
    Rabbi Josh and Penina Flug

  15. Dear Rabbi,
    Thank you for a job well done and for your attentiveness to the parents! You were excellent. Please feel free to use me as a positive reference if ever needed, especially in the Miami Beach community.
    All the best and mazal tov


  16. To Whom It May Concern;

    It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Rabbi Avi Billet.
    I have had the honor of taking care of Avi as a teenager and then on through young adulthood. He has always demonstrated a quick mind and caring actions about his family friends and studies.
    After he received smicha and became a certified Mohel in our community I was able to see his work first hand. I was present at many of the brisim that he performed since they were mutual patients that I had referred to him or people had sought him out on their own. I can say that his brisim are done to the most exacting standards in Halacha and medicine today. Not only is he accomplished as a surgeon but he has an unique quality of making everyone concerned, relaxed and happy at the Bris. I have never seen any complications from any of the brisim he has performed or heard of any negative outcomes.
    He will be a valuable addition to any community where he resides and a benefit to Klal Yisroel.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Respectfully yours,

    (Dr.) Moshe Schlusselberg

  17. Gena & Max FaigenblatMonday, 16 January, 2012

    Living in Puerto Rico we did not have the option of a local Mohel. Thankfully, 2 weeks before the birth of our first child another family here gave birth to a baby boy and hired Rabbi Avi Billet. I unfortunately was unable to attend that bris but my in laws and husband did. All I could hear about for the next two weeks (as the sex of our first born was a surprise to all of us) was Rabbi Avi Billet and if the baby was a boy he was our guy. Well surprise, surprise "it's a girl!" Fortunately 2 years later, 2 weeks ago, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. When we found out at about 15 weeks that we were having a boy we pulled out Rabbi Billet's information and like he said at the bris, we hired him right then and there! I can not give enough praise for Rabbi Billet. He was wonderful! He took the time to sit down with us and explain every step of the way. His ceremony was beautiful and for only knowing us for a few short hours really grasped the humor and love of our family. I highly recommend Rabbi Avi Billet!

    Gena & Max Faigenblat

  18. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    My wife and I would like to express how happy we are that we called you to perform the bris of our son Yoav. We were so impressed with both how you performed the bris, and how you communicated with us. Even the pediatrician expressed what a good job you did when we took our son to the doctor. You were so patient and reassuring. You kept us informed as far as what was going on and what we needed to know; at the same time, you took care of all the details so we could focus on everything and everyone around us at the bris. We will definitely recommend you.

    Aviel and Atara Raab

  19. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    We just want to thank you for coming to the Cayman Islands to perform our son's bris. We were very pleased with everything from your responsiveness to our first phone call to receiving a follow up phone call from you afterwards.

    As new parents we felt very reassured by you, your calm and professional demeanor as well as the sterility and precision of your practice.

    We also greatly appreciated that you communicated the details of the ceremony and circumcision to us, and we thank you for providing explanations during the ceremony for all of our non-Jewish friends and family.

    Very best regards,

    Nic, Sondra and Ferris Lovett

  20. Miami Beach familyThursday, 26 April, 2012

    We were very pleased to have Rabbi Billet serve as mohel for our son's brit milah. We received many positive comments from our friends and family, as well.

  21. Reitblat familyTuesday, 05 June, 2012

    Rabbi Billet,

    Thank you for the wonderful brit experience for our son, for your professionalism, for the attention to our needs and most of all for showing that you truly care and love what you do. We will recommend you to any of our friends without hesitation.


    Gideon & Lital

  22. As a pediatrician, and mother of three boys, I have high expectations of a mohel. Rabbi Avi Billet thoroughly impressed me with his technical expertise, calm efficiency, and warm manner. So much so, that years after he circumcised our first two boys, we asked him to fly to NYC from Florida for our last son's bris! I recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a true expert.

    Chani Traube

  23. Rabbi Billet came highly recommended by other families in our community of Boca Raton. We had a mixed crowd at our son's bris from religious to secular to in-between. Rabbi Billet gave an explanation throughout the ceremony that was appreciated by all who attended. Rabbi Billet also gave us a detailed lesson on the bris aftercare, and he came to check on our son after the bris, as well. We feel so fortunate to have used Rabbi Billet for the bris. He is a true professional.

    Jodi and Brian Deichman

  24. Rabbi Billet did a fantastic job with our son's bris. His professionalism and expertise is second to none. He took the time to explain everything that would go on both pre and post bris, was very caring, and truly takes pride in his work. He even came to check on our little guy days after the bris. We highly recommend Rabbi Billet and hold him in the highest regard.

    Janelle and Elliot

  25. We had just moved to South Florida when our son was born, so my wife and I asked several people in my new shul: what Mohel should we use for the bris? Each of them answered, "Rabbi Avi Billet." We are thrilled they did. Rabbi Billet was, start to finish (and after finish), caring, warm, and most of all professional. He met with us (and the baby) before the bris explaining everything, addressing any questions or concerns we had, and making sure we were 100% comfortable and at ease. He performed the Bris wonderfully, ensuring everything was done in accordance with Jewish law, and showing incredible compassion for the baby. We really could not imagine anything he could have done better or . It came as no surprise that Rabbi Billet followed up a few days later, and did not leave until he was confident that we knew we could call him for any follow-up question, big or small.

    Unless the father of the baby is a mohel himself and wants to perform the bris, there is literally no reason in the world not to make Rabbi Billet your first call after you have a baby boy. (Well, maybe right after your parents.)

  26. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    You performed my son's bris a few weeks ago, and now that his penis looks normal (something I appreciated you telling me that it would once the swelling went down and it healed), I want to give you major props for being our total hero.

    So the mohel we originally hired decided at the last minute, despite clearance from our doctor and us, that our child was too light to be circumcised. Now if our doctor had not given us the go ahead, or if the mohel had not told us that if our child was a twin his weight would be just fine(?!) to be circumcised, we would have cancelled our 200 guests and rescheduled. But that seemed like a really bad option, and made no religious, spiritual or medical sense to our family.

    As soon as the sunset on Saturday evening, my father-in-law, through his community at B'Nai Sephardim lead us to you. We called you at 9:30 pm. You were at our house at 10pm, and by 10:30 we went to sleep knowing that our son's bris was not going to be unnecessarily delayed.

    At noon, you promptly showed up, charmed the congregation, and then took command of the ceremony. As with any surgical procedure, you took the time to be cautious, to check your work, to make sure my son (and my wife) was okay, and it were over! No one passed out and your candidness and honesty prepared us for every step along the way.

    I was a little intimidated by the idea of making sure I properly treated my son's penis so an infection did not take hold, but you gave great guidance, made sure we had everything we needed to take care of him, and it was awesome when you made the housecall a couple of days later to make sure everything was healing as it was supposed to. Our pediatrician also gave you big props for a picture perfect job.

    Your family will be in good hands with Rabbi Billet as your mohel. I am available always if anyone needs more info on how our experience went. South Florida families and our sons are lucky Rabbi Billet and his family have come to town.

    Michael Aaron Hoffman

  27. Dear Rabbi Billet:

    I have been to many a bris in my life, but you performed the most important one (aside from my own of course). Having a boy after 2 girls is a very special thing. You really appreciate every new experience that you get to have. The bris is the first such experience with a boy. I put my trust in you to make it special and you did not disappoint. Every aspect was professional handled. You were consultative prior to the bris. You were methodical, yet efficient, during the bris. I really appreciated the cosmetic surgery approach that you took. As opposed to the pull and cut method, which I dread, you carefully outlined where the cut was to be made and clamped to make sure there would not be a mistake. Although you have performed many a bris, you did not treat our son as just another one. You were thoughtful and careful as if it were your first. You were quick to follow-up or answer questions after the bris. There is nothing that you could have done better.

    I would recommend you to anyone!

    Thank you and may you continue to perform this mitzvah for years to come!

    Steven "Shimmy" Lazar

  28. Dear Rabbi Billet,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at our son's Bris. You made sure that everyone was involved and that everything was stress free. Your presence served to elevate in every way the mitzvah for our family and our guests. To anyone looking for a Mohel, we can not put into words how strongly we would encourage you to contact Rabbi Billet. He will make sure that your son and your family are well taken care of.


    Eric and Jen Wilkins

  29. Being friends with Rabbi Billet and his family as well as having seen Rabbi Billet perform a bris previously, made the mohel selection easier.
    However, it's always different with your own baby. The underlying fear that ensues for most parents was multiplied in our case due to our baby's complicated medical history.
    We trusted Rabbi Billet and he did not let us down. From the start he ascertained not only our baby's health and medical issues with our physician, but also sought guidance from an advising Rabbi.
    On the big day at the outset Rabbi Billet was exactly what you would want in someone performing this procedure. He took the time to prepare our son, which is something we did not remember happening in our firstborn son's bris some 10 years prior.
    I would describe Rabbi Billet as being hygienic, calm, and methodical, all attributes not to be underestimated in a mohel. What all of this preparation translated into was a seamless experience for our baby (well as much as it could have been), for ourselves, and our guests. Rabbi Billet's post-bris care was equally impressive.
    We felt our son was cared for and we appreciated the follow up Rabbi Billet provided. Our son's bris has healed very nicely and we were comforted knowing Rabbi Billet was always there to answer any questions we had.
    We wholeheartedly recommend Rabbi Billet as mohel!

  30. Rabbi Avi Billet performed the bris for my son around 12 years ago. He was extremely professional and caring. He walked us, step by step, through the whole process. Following the bris, Rabbi Billet clearly explained the after care and answered any and all questions we had, with care and compassion. I highly recommend Rabbi Billet to be your next mohel. Any questions, feel free to email me @ brian.isler at Yahoo dot com

  31. We highly recommend Rabbi Avi Billet! He has performed as the Mohel for both of our sons' Birs, and has by far exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty. Rabbi Billet has been there for our amily at all times including before, during, and after the ceremony, especially at times when we needed to discuss our specific needs.
    He was there to walk us through the entire process, and was also a wonderful resource to counsel us on unrelated issues. He is caring, kind, professional, and personable. I consider him a great leader and a personal friend. He really is a special person and a great Mohel. I would absolutely recommend him as the best man for the job!
    Danny and Samantha Seghi

  32. Five stars and two thumbs up to, Rabbi Avi Billet! He performed as the Mohel for our sons' Bris, and he by far exceeded our expectations. His attention to detail, above and beyond approach, personable connection, and calm demeanor were perfect. Rabbi Billet was there for us at all times including before, during, and after the ceremony. He gave us phenomenal advice and we are so grateful for him!
    He walked us through the entire process, was flexible, caring, kind, professional, and has good bit of humor too! He really is a special person and a great Mohel. We would (and already have) absolutely recommend him! Sincerely – The DelGrosso Family


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