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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Information For ALL Parents - Bris Concerns

You are a parent of a baby boy. You're going to bring a stranger into your life who will circumcise your baby. What do you need to know?

Don't Make Any of These Mistakes [Top Ten List]

You need to know that your baby's health is paramount, and that while most babies are healthy and their bris takes place on time, if a real question comes up, better to have the bris delayed and not be on time, than put your baby in a compromised situation because of inconvenience (such as family flight plans!)

You need to know which method of circumcision your mohel uses [and what is a "shield" vs a "clamp"]

You need to know how he estimates the edge of the foreskin

You need to know if he employs a sterile technique

You need to know how he does metzitzah [See the Metzitzah Page]

You need to know if he does Milah and Priah together or separately

You need to know how he deals with a redundance of membrane

You need to know if there are ever any complications afterwards see also this - "most common issues"

You need to know how to care for your baby

In some cases, you need these Long term Care Reminders:
CHUBBY BABY Syndrome - How alot of baby fat is disheartening for a few months
Fusion Challenge