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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Magic of a Marker

Mohels are funny. When we see another mohel as a guest at a bris we are doing (some people know more than one mohel as a friend, but can only have one of them do the job), we will invite him to watch and to critique us. I don't enjoy critiquing. But I do enjoy watching so I can learn from someone else's techniques. For the record, the main "critique" I ever give is that the man might consider putting a wastebasket next to his working area, to cut down on the mess he either leaves or has to otherwise clean up afterwards.

[A dentist friend of mine once observed me in the 'critique' position and said to me, "How can you stand it? I hate watching another dentist do an extraction!" Translation: Since he's invariably not doing it the way I would do it, it becomes painful to watch. I told him I am learning what "to do" and what "not to do."]

But my real NUMBER ONE CRITIQUE (other than sterility, which people won't listen to anyway) is my belief that Every Mohel should use a magic marker to guide the incision he will be making in his circumcising the baby.

The results of not doing so are aesthetically unpleasant, at best, and cosmetically hideous at worst.

No human being is perfect, and no one can guarantee a perfect job any time. But taking precautions such as this one will help us be a little closer to perfect and accurate, in a manner that will be appreciated by all parents who trust their babies to our care.

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