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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Let Finances Deter You!

Every now and then I either hear a story about someone or hear from someone directly that they either chose not to circumcise or to have a doctor do it instead of a mohel (which usually means when the baby is 1 or 2 days old, instead of on the eighth day - the correct day for the bris),  on account of financial reasons.

Often, they never even spoke with a mohel: they chose to go that route without even consulting with anyone.

This is very unfortunate, for a few reasons.

1. Any real mohel would prefer your child have a bris than a hospital-circumcision
2. Any real mohel will "work something out" if that is your circumstance
3. A circumcision before day 8, as well as almost any hospital circumcisions are not considered brisses
4. A routine hospital circumcision has a different definition than a bris circumcision. Significantly (and statistically) more often than with a mohel, the hospital cosmetic result will have a child who has not had enough skin tissue removed, who requires another procedure.
5. Anecdotal evidence (from physicians and pediatric surgeons I know) suggests that more "touch-ups" come from work done by doctors than by mohels. This is not to say mohels are perfect, or that doctors never do a good job. Just that mohels (generally speaking) have a better track record than doctors when it comes to the cosmetic results of their circumcisions. [Of course, the doctors who do the cosmetic touch-up work usually do a great job!]

Your research is a great first step. Now pick up the phone, and let's work something out!

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