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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

General Information
Not too many pictures in this Bris Website
Streamlining the Blog - Most Important Things to Know
Bris Certificate

Humor (Appropriate Only)
Think Before Speaking - OOPS - a quasi funny tale
Source for metzitzah
Bris Humor
How do you spell Moyle?

Funny Story? You decide
A Good Line - an unplanned humorous encounter
The rabbi with the good line
Another Humorous Exchange
For funny stories see "Stories" below

Perks of Being a Mohel
3-day Yom Tov Mohel Blues - can't be everywhere when you can't travel
The Month of Nissan - When One Perk is Irrelevant
Not Saying Tachanun - Why Tachanun Is Cancelled When Mohel Has a Bris
Good Ole Perks

The Photo that Went VIRAL
When the Baby is a Girl
How I Explain How Things Will Look After the Bris
A List of Brisses from the 1700s

Does the Baby Need a Kippah?
Born without a foreskin?
Is the Mohel a Doctor?
Response to Correspondence I've received

The irony in a given name - an ironic tale
The Story of Pinchas Who was almost Eisav
Remembering Our Roles - the grandmother who forgot she was a grandmother
How Mickey Mouse Saved the Bris
Importance of Thinking Before Speaking
For great one-liners that came out of some tales, see "one-liners" above

Hollywood Mohel Will Travel
To Be a Mohel in Miami

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