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Monday, May 9, 2011

Why I don't have tons of pictures in my Mohel Blog

For a whole host of reasons, I chose to blog about bris milah. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing ideas. And I feel there is not enough information out there that is easy to find, and that truly gives you, the parents of a baby soon to undergo a bris (or in the post-op stage wondering why things look the way they look).

So I blog, and when things come up, I try to address them. Especially when they come up a lot in conversation, or in the emails or phone calls I receive on a regular basis.

People have asked me how come I don't have pictures of myself doing a bris? Because I work alone and don't have the opportunity to snap photos of myself when I am caring for a baby.

People have asked me why I don't have pictures of me smiling holding a baby? Because that gives no indication of whether I am a good mohel. All it does is demonstrate how starched my mohel-jacket is, and whether I am photogenic.

I prefer not to put up dozens of pictures of the same bris to make it look like I am very busy when I am not. Or even to put up single pictures from many brisses to prove how busy I am.

You need information. Not smiling Jon. So, poke around, read what I've written. And if you believe I care enough about sterility, and your baby, and you, and not about me, my "show" and how "I will look," then call (516 850 9694) or email me (

When I do your son's bris, you can take a picture of me. And if you send it to me, maybe I'll put it in a posting. But only at your request.

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