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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Always a Good Idea to Think Before Speaking?

It was as innocent a mistake as they come.

I don't think I did anything wrong here.

Your thoughts? In the comments, please.

With very rare exception (such as if the Bris goes so perfectly and I can leave the baby without a bandage) I always visit the baby a few hours after the Bris to remove whatever bandage I left on him at the Bris. Some times the bandage falls off on its own before my visit - a circumstance I actually LIKE because the bandage's job has finished, and it means I don't need to bother the baby again.

Today was one such case, and when I opened the diaper I said (referring to the bandage) "O wow! It completely fell off!" And I had a big smile on my face. No need to bother baby! = Happy mohel!

Then I turned to baby's mom, whose face fell completely, and who had begun to cry! Yikes! What did I do?!

Quickly rewinding the moment's events, I VERY quickly clarified for her that everything was fine and that my words referred to the bandage!

Oy - the ways we can be misunderstood!!

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