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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Personal Advertisements!

Advertising mohelinsouthflorida services (in this blog)

Rabbi AVI Billet in the newspaper - Boca Rabbi's son's bris
Photos (and Facebook)

Quite the Compliment!
A Skilled Operator - Another wonderful compliment!

AUDIO TUTORIALS (follow the link and instructions)
Bris Workshop in Your Area - A few of your friends expecting a baby? Let's set up a class to learn everything you need to know before a bris
It's WORTH A PHONE CALL - if you want A-1 Service, but live in New York, call me! I might be in town anyway, or cheap flights are available. Never hurts to call

The Process - From When you call me until the bris
MohelinSouthFlorida Stats!
A grandparents record!
A Different Experience (than with other mohels)
Pinch Hitting - Filling in for a missing mohel

So you found your mohel on the INTERNET
Inquiries Welcome

See also
Available - With Flexibility
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