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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Skilled Operator

Many of the people involved in yesterday's bris are medical people. The baby's mother, and both of his grandfathers (to name three). One grandfather was sandak, and the other (the oral surgeon) was standing alongside watching carefully.

Both had very complimentary things to say (full disclosure: they both know me forever and this is the third bris I've done for the family), but my genuine impression was that they were impressed.

The sandak grandfather told me twice how much he enjoyed watching me work.

The "watchful" grandfather told me "I can recognize when a person is good at his craft. There is another mohel, I won't tell you who, who takes too long, has the baby crying too much, and there's too much blood."

It happened that the baby yesterday barely cried, which was unique. However, I appreciate the fact that I can work relatively quickly and that things can go as smoothly as they did yesterday.

It's not always the case - things do sometimes happen - but the smooth and easy days are the ones that are the most enjoyable.

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