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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A grandparents record! - Traveling For A Bris in New York

Mazel Tov! Heading to New York today for another bris in New York.

For one set of grandparents, this will be their seventh grandson for which I will have had the privilege to serve as mohel. And I only missed another one of their grandsons because one of my best friends was getting married in Montreal on the same day that the baby's bris was taking place.

The most I have with other grandparents is 6 (I missed #7 for them because I was in Denver for shabbos and they had a Sunday bris in NY).

A few fives and fours (from multiple sets of their children), and very many threes and twos.

Kein Yirbu! B'mazal uv'simcha!

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