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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Communication... Will They Lead to A Bris?

When I lived in New York, the traffic of brisses came from a very simple formula.

A couple had a baby, and they called me. They had heard of me, seen me, had friends, knew what they wanted for months, etc. It was VERY rare that someone would call in advance of their son's birth to interview me or to "inquire."

In Florida, I find a very different clientele. I get calls or emails MONTHS in advance. In some cases people are doing research. Asking all the right questions (see links in this post), trying to find the right match.

Some people are getting the lay of the land - perhaps even thinking if they want to go the Mohel route or the Doctor route (see the previous posting!).

Some people are just looking for the best price. (Which is hard to determine in my case, because I don't really have a price)

Some people call when baby is born. Some do not. I am told by some of my colleagues that they have similar experiences all the time.

Other than the calls that will come out of the blue, I have somewhere close to 10 people who have called about my availability over the next few months. We shall see if they call when baby arrives!

God should only bless them with healthy babies.

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