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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Mohel Standards

Mohel Standards

Inauthenticity of "Authenticity - why old-school is not always best for baby.
Awareness Factor - parents must know what you are looking for!
The Danger of Arrogance
Mohel's Role in the Ceremony

Dealing With Multiple Brisses on the same day
It's All About the Baby
Jews, Religion and Observance

news out of Israel
Observations of a Urologist

Sterility and Cleanliness
Cleanliness and Efficiency
Sterility and Cleanliness
Gloves and Gloves revisited
Perhaps a better way to give the baby wine
Creating Standards for Sterility

Different Types of Mohels
Is the Mohel a Doctor?
Marking the Foreskin with a Marker

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