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Monday, September 30, 2013

Gloves Revisited

Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz recently wrote an article/essay that explores the halakhic appropriateness of using Gloves while performing a mitzvah, with a specific focus on whether gloves (sterile, of course) should be worn when a mohel performs a bris.

I have written about gloves here. And if I did not make it clear there, I believe that once a mohel chooses to wear gloves (which all parents should INSIST upon!), the only gloves of choice are STERILE gloves - which usually come packaged in pairs.

Full disclosure is that I discussed some of these matters with Rabbi Leibowitz while he was in the draft stage, though I did not review the article before it was posted on the internet.

Here is the link to Rabbi Leibowitz's article. (link goes to the TorahMusings website)

Feel free to chime in (though only relevant and appropriate comments will be approved below)

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