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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Parent Notes

Parents, Notes to
For Bris Prep
ALL you need to know, in one easy blog post (links)
Being Aware of What you Should Be Asking Your Mohel
Numbing - Should I? Or shouldn't I?
Why baby can't eat before the bris
Tricks for baby care from your local - especially good for first-time parents!
Important Reminders
TOP TEN - Don't Make These Mistakes! - you'll kick yourself afterwards!
Finding a Mohel in South Florida

For the Daddy
Dear Husband
The Father's Role in the Bris
And... Should the Father DO the circumcision?
If You Choose to Do the Circumcision Under My Supervision (to set your mind at ease)
The Myth of the Bleeding Vein - a note for fathers who want to perform the circumcision

Dealing With Family
The Right to Choose Your Mohel - (Grandparents may have solicited input, but they don't decide)Who Gets To NAME the baby - (Grandparents may have solicited input, but they don't decide)
When anatomical abnormalities cancel a bris, and what you tell your family
Bringing KIDS to a Bris?

Don't Worry!!
My Gratitude and Your Responsibilities
Putting Your Mind at Ease
Putting Parents at Ease
When the Bris Turns out Poifect!
Daddy (and Mommy) Tricks For Your Baby's Care (unrelated to bris, and also good for baby girls!)

My attitude in working with you
Importance of Trust
It's All About the Baby

Important notes about post-bris realities

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