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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding a Mohel in South Florida

A web search for a "mohel in south florida" or "mohel in florida" may have brought you to this particular page.

Ought you just go with the top search engine listing?


Everyone who has any media sense or savvy will have nice pictures and guarantees of a beautiful ceremony. Of course that's what you'll find. After all, don't we all do the same thing?

Yes, and no.

Yes - we all do a ceremony, we all do a circumcision, and we all take care of your son.

No - it's not all the same.

* Some of us are in contact more, some less.
* Some spend the time getting to know you, getting a feel for who you are and what you want the bris experience to be. Some just show up at the bris, do the job and leave
* Some of us want your feedback and would like to accomodate you as best as possible. Some of us have our own way of doing things and really aren't interested in your opinion.
* Some of us try to make each bris unique and special. Some of us have the same ceremony every time, and bank on it somehow working.
* One of us is a superstickler for sterility [that would be me]. The rest of us are not.

[On this last note, I am not suggesting mohels do not sterilize their equipment. I do think mohels are not as careful about sterility in the procedure as they ought to be - they don't make it a priority as I do.  Too many mohels do not wear gloves, lay their instruments on a cloth diaper instead of a sterile drape, use cold sterilization or open their bris instruments at home, perhaps even use their mouths directly on the baby when they do metzitzah (if parents want this latter item, the father should do it himself - it is his (father's) "mitzvah" more than it is the mohel's job to do this]

I communicate as necessary before the bris, and often after the bris - to make sure you are comfortable with what you're seeing, what your baby is experiencing, and what is normal versus cause for concern

When possible, I meet with you a few days before the bris to have a face to face discussion, to see your baby, and to discuss at your convenience what the bris will be like, and how the ceremony and procedure will transpire. If we can not meet, we have the same conversation over the telephone. Both parents and me.

I am a big fan of open conversations, letting you know how I generally operate, so we are on the same page as to what a circumcision is and what you'll be dealing with for the three days following the bris. Sometimes "things happen," but most often a bris is fairly routine with no major surprises. And, as far as involvement of friends and family, I make every effort to accomodate your needs and requests - with a fair and balanced conversation that is sensitive to your personal situation and 100% of Jewish traditions and practices

Finally, every bris is special to me. While I may see it "all the time," I know that you don't see it all the time. As such, I make a very conscious and conscientious effort to cater to your unique experience and family situation.

CALL ME 954 404 7141....  CELL - 516 850 9694

Let us have the conversation. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for, and a whole lot more.

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