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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Honor of Being Called Again

I've been in Florida for a little over 2 years, and I've already had a few repeat customers. (I have many in New York, but 2 years is about the average between most kids in a family.)

In general, I appreciate the trust you, the parents of newborns, put in me. If you knew me before your baby was born, it is obviously easier for you to make the call. And while I always view doing a bris as a privilege, it is a different experience when you already know one another. To misquote Barney, "I know you, you know me."

If you never met me before you needed to arrange a bris, the trust is even more appreciated. You are calling me "cold" - perhaps after having done your research. And you give me the job of bringing your son into the "mark of the covenant." This is the greatest honor.

Before I became a "Mohelinsouthflorida" I was a mohel in New York. It became a competition with some grandparents, how many of their grandsons had I circumcised.

I believe the record is 6 for two sets of grandparents. (Full disclosure - one of those sets are my parents, who have six grandsons). I have a few sets of grandparents with 5 or 4 grandsons I've circumcised, and whole host of triple and double-dippers - either one each from two (or three) of their married children, or two from one set of parents (which obviously makes the parents repeat customers), etc.

I cherish the trust, the friendship, and the opportunity to serve you and your family at this very special time for your family.

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