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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Caring for the Circumcision (practical information)

Caring for the circumcision 'wound'
Thoughts on NUMBING the foreskin
What to Prepare for the Bris
Instructions for After Care
What Will it Look Like Before and After
How I Explain How it will look - with pictures!
Photos of a Healing Bris
Looks Swell - No? - on swelling
Is Tylenol a solution for a cranky baby?
What I learned in the Operating Room
Knowing What to expect afterwards
Talking to a Urologist - observations about circumcision from a grandfather at a bris (see follow up to this story here: A Promise Fulfilled)
Long term Care Reminder
CHUBBY BABY Syndrome - How alot of baby fat is disheartening for a few months
Fusion Challenge
The Myth of Bleeding Vein

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