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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - Miscellaneous


Delaying and Figuring Out When the Bris Will Take Place
When Baby is REALLY Small 
Timing the Bris - Figuring out when the bris will take place
DELAYING a Bris - when and under what circumstances?
C-Section differences
What happens when 8th day is Shabbos or Yom Tov and the bris has been delayed?

AMAZING bris experience
Amazing story attached to baby's name
MohelinSouthFlorida Goes Intergenerational
Historical - portrayal of adult circumcision for conversion
Historical - a list of circumcisions from the 1700s
Scare Tactics - An Experience I had which highlights why parents MUST listen to aftercare instructions

Before and After
When to call the mohel
Calling the mohel does not equal booking the mohel
What to Prepare for the Bris
BEFORE AND AFTER - What it Looks Like

General Qs
Foreskin - how is it disposed of?

The joy of TWINS - with a photo!    
Another TWINS photo

Proper Attitude of Mohel = Confident Parents
The Importance of Trust
It's All About the Baby

Fun Stuff
How do you spell MOIL, MOHEL
Bris Humor
Source for the Bris Party
Are there BOOKS about Bris? [Not too many in English - you'll find much more information in this website!]

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