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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amazing Bris Experience

I posted this on Facebook, right after the fact, but here is the account of last week's bris: 

Most amazing bris experience today! The father of the baby recently converted to Judaism (Orthodox), and while the baby today is his third son (Jewish mother, of course!), it is the first time he participated in the mitzvah of bris milah as a Jewish father who has the mitzvah to circumcise his son as per our Covenant. 
Easy to say he was the most emotional person in the room, "This is BIG, Rabbi. Isn't it?"
Yes it is. I haven't seen people dance at a bris in a long time, but the men in the room grabbed him (he was sandak as well!) and danced in circles singing "Siman Tov UMazal Tov."
It was AWESOME - this is what Bris Milah is all about. It's a little sad that we need these kinds of reminders of why we celebrate and how to celebrate, but we all got it today.
Truly a special bris. Honored to have been a part of it.

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