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Monday, May 20, 2013

May A Bris Take Place At Night?

I've addressed this question in simple terms over here, when we discussed how to time when the bris will take place, along with the notion that the bris should take place while the sun is out.

But I came across the question in Yossele Wesiberg's magnum opus on Bris Milah (Volume I page 154), where he records 4 possible answers:

1. One would not fulfill the mitzvah and there would be a requirement to draw out blood for the covenant (Hatafas dam)

2. One does not fulfill the mitzvah and even Hatafas Dam would not change any status. It is an error that cannot be corrected.

3. One has nonetheless fulfilled one's obligation, with no requirement at all for Hatafas Dam

4. If it was on the night of the eighth day, no Hatafas Dam is required. Any other night would require Hatafas Dam.

Generally speaking, however, we follow the first approach if the circumcision happened to take place at night. But we do not schedule the circumcison to take place after sunset.

The celebratory meal, on the other hand, can go for as long as you like into the evening.

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