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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You want to know what Metzitzah is? (VIDEO)

Here is a video I just found on youtube that depicts the two methods out there. (Link provided in case the video doesn't show up on a mobile device)  I believe both of these are from brisses in Israel. Note that in neither case is the mohel wearing gloves. They surely washed their hands, but the "traditional" way was not to use gloves because sterile gloves are a relatively new invention, and some people believe that priah cannot be done when wearing gloves (which is actually  not true if one uses thin gloves).

The video briefly describes then demonstrates the sterile tube method (at the 19-20 seconds), and then the direct oral contact method (aka MBP or "metzitzah b'peh") (at the 38-41 seconds). You'll note that both are done "b'peh" (with the mouth) though the first does not involve the mohel's mouth contacting the baby, and the second one does involve this kind of contact. 

My main objection is to the use of the words "more traditional" for the second one. I would call it "more cultic" than "more traditional" because the only tradition it reflects is living in an ancient world.
Having said that, the track record is relatively good. But as I say each time, if ONE baby gets infected from the second method (and that seems to be the reality out there), then it shouldn't be done.

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