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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Books About Bris

Three years ago, the seforim blog posted about Milah Books and Manuals, most of which are in Hebrew and have spanned all kinds of ranges of subject matter and target audiences. The blog post may be of interest to some people. So here is the link.

There are very few books about Bris Milah written in English. Most of the books don't have much information about the process or what parents and baby go through in their experience. The book published by Artscroll is entirely dedicated to the ceremony itself (and the laws leading up to determining exactly when the bris should take place) and symbolism of the mitzvah and ritual, but nothing about post-care or what to look for in the months following the bris.

In a practical sense, the book is not helpful. Anything the book tells you that parents need to know in advance of their son's bris will be told to them by their mohel. And hopefully the mohel will also provide information as to how things will look in the coming days, weeks and months.

This blog was created in an effort to fill that void. Maybe one day I'll publish what I've put together here. All in good time.

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