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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - About the Mohel

About Me (Personal)

When the Mohel's Wife Gives Birth to a Boy
A Personal Note on a Unique Friendship
The Honor of Being Called Again - a "repeat" customer
An appreciated compliment
A beautiful Sentiment
Flattering Conversation

Thoughts on Bris Humor
See also "Difference..." below

Being a Mohel
Being a Consultant 
Is the Mohel a Doctor?

Difference between Mohelinsouthflorida and other mohels
What makes you different?
honesty from a mohel
Why Hire MohelInSouthFlorida
The Importance of Open Communication between Mohel and Parents
The Sensitivity Factor

Lessons Learned on the job
An Important Lesson - What Never to Say

Getting Two Calls for the Same Timeslot

Life and Times - busier and less busy times :)
Moheling Around - More about the range of a mohel's experiences

What I Learned in the Operating Room
Becoming more Efficient - all on account of being a traveling mohel

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