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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank you for the honor

I am most grateful to all of the parents who entrusted their sons to my care to help fulfill the mitzvah of bris milah during the year 2017.

Every call I receive is a testament to a feeling of trust exhibited by parents in making this important decision. Some research way in advance, and some make a cold call, having received a recommendation from a friend or relative who had a positive experience.

Due to the natural tension and unease that comes (for some people) with the bris, I am grateful to be able to play the role that I play, and to hopefully make the experience positive, memorable in a good way, and one you look forward to in the future with confidence and anticipation.

Mazal tov. Blessings for many babies to have the new year's number on their birth certificates and bris certificates!

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