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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How helped me

Since moving to Florida from New York, I have had a number of past "clients" and new clients call me to perform their son's bris in New York. If it works out schedulewise, I am happy to do it.

Many more have called from New York, but when I told them I'm in Florida, they opted to go local. Which is understandable.

Traveling gave me the idea to create, but it also forced me to become an even better mohel.
As my time with the baby is limited by my flight schedule, I am forced to bandage in such a way that the bandage comes off as soon as possible after the bris, and that everything look good at that point.

I used to wait at least 24 hours before removing a bandage. Sometimes 36 hours. Now I do it in 4-6 hours - and very often the bandage, by design, falls off on its own. I love when this happens.

Stories out of Israel in the last few months have corroborated the benefits of this method, as opposed to the "24+ hour" method.

Remember this: the sooner the bandage comes off, without complication, the sooner the bris has a chance to heal itself. If the bandage is somehow holding the skin together in an incorrect fashion, the longer the bandage stays on, the better chance (in a worse sort of way) the skin has to heal in a fashion that is less asthetically pleasing. The sooner the bandage comes off, the better chance (in a good way) the skin has to readjust and reallign itself.

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