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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Well, That Was Flattering

I got a call on Tuesday, "Hi. Are you available for a bris on Thursday?"

It isn't common to be called so late in the game, unless something happened - a mohel cancelled, or the situation is complicated.

Before I got to ask questions such as, "Is the baby ok? Is his mother Jewish?" etc., my mind starting racing... Thursday? Wait... that's.... PURIM

OK. I've had brisses on Purim before - not the most convenient day, but still, a bris on the 8th day is a bris on the 8th day.

"Where are you located?"

"North Orlando."


Translate to my squeezing 6 hours worth of driving into an already full Purim-day schedule - I said I don't think I can do it. And I called a colleague, asking if he's available - I'll give them his name if he has the time.

I called back the parents, I'm not available, but my friend is.

"We'll call you back."

I get a callback from the father - to whom I had explained my Purim conflicts, and he said, well, "What if we do it at the Chabad of Melbourne, FL - a.k.a "Chabad of the Space and Treasure Coasts."

You'd be willing to drive over an hour from your home to have the bris in Melbourne, just so I can take off 2.5 hours of  my own drive, so I can make it?

"Yes. We've done our research. Really liked what we read in your blog. And we really want you to be our son's mohel."

How could I say no? I planned for the Purim bris.

Later that night, or on Wednedsay (it's all a blur by now), the father called me to tell me the baby's jaundice (bilirubin count) was rising, and that they were going to have the bris on Sunday, would I be available?

I told them what I always tell people who are concerned about a mid-level bilirubin count. "I think your baby's numbers are fine. He should have his bris on Purim. I can make it that day if you do the bris in Melbourne. It's your call."

They decided - based on the input of their rabbis, to delay the bris to Sunday. Which was today!

I left my house at 5:30am to arrive 8:15 for davening, and for the 9am bris.

I am grateful that it worked out this way, that everyone is happy (with the bris being delayed slightly, etc).  I've had phone calls before when people were "disappointed" if I wasn't available. But they usually take the next mohel's number and move on. I can't recall the last time people were willing to so accommodate their own schedule and inconvenience themselves just so I could be their son's mohel. It was quite atypical and very flattering. Thank you!

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