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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Available, With Flexibility

A sizable percentage of my recent brisses have come to me by way of the Internet, often from people who found themselves, late in the game, without a mohel.

Usually I'll get a call the day the baby is born, or the day after, but I've been seeing a trend of people calling 1, 2, or 3 days before the bris.

Weird, I know.

Sometimes they "forgot" to arrange something.

Sometimes they just realized what a bris is.

Sometimes the mohel they hired cancelled on them.

Sometimes they were waiting to call because the baby had a medical condition that delayed the bris.

No matter the reason, from a Jewish perspective, the more on-time a baby can get his bris taken care of, the better it is. If we can make it work schedule-wise and parents have the flexibility to work within my availability at such later notice (and me with them too!) the role to bring these babies into the mark of the Covenant is a role I continue to cherish.

Even at late notice. :)

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