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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Balance of the Conflict

Every now and then I'll get more than one call for a bris on the same day. When all people are adament that the bris take place at the exact same time, I obviously can't accomodate everyone - unless I lie and say that "I'll be there" knowing full well I won't be, and that people will have to wait for me.

[I've lost a number of brisses on account of being up front and honest on account of my schedule. I know of a number of mohels who prefer to make people wait, without being up front, so they can get as many jobs as possible.]

In simple terms, I tell people what my schedule is (usually operating on a first-come-first-served basis), and people can decide what they want. Some people specifically want me to be their son's mohel. These parents are usually the most flexible and understanding. Others have a long list of mohels, perhaps in their order of priority, but if one does not work out for the time they have in mind, they have no qualms about going to the next guy on the list.

To each their own.

This blog has demonstrated that the research you do will help you zero in on the mohel you want. And hopefully he is available at the time you want. But if for every reason, you feel he is the best mohel for your needs, it is worth considering having flexibility in your scheduling so you can have the experience you have been looking forward to having.

Remember: A bris can take place during daylight hours, at any point before the sun goes down. Your bris experience, and the results of your son's circumcision will last you much longer than the few minutes you were not willing to wait in order to get the mohel you really wanted.

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