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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Table of Contents - News Monitoring About Bris Milah

Some articles in the News
March 2014 - some articles about Bris and Circumcision

News Monitor: Circumcision Recommended to cut down on STDs

News Monitor - The "pro-bris but anti-circumcision" movement

News Monitor - Botched circ - not a botched bris. (ie doctor v mohel)

News: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report about Metzitzah

News: Europe and Germany [see the bottom of this page]
Good news and bad news out of Germany

News: Israel
News out of Israel - about inefficient circumcisions (the mohel who did not remove enough)
Israel and Europe - 2013 - Fighting Anti-Cirumcision Bills

News: Washington
House Bill protects Circumcision

News: New York
Baby Dies From Metzitzah With Direct Oral Contact - part 1

Part 2 - just a couple of linnks following the story
Part 3 - My Response to the story and the media
More on Metzitzah and Herpes
A wise opinion about NYC and metzitzah (IMHO)

News: San Francisco - The attempt to make circumcision illegal
Monitoring the News - San Francisco
No Indication of Anti-Semitism (San Francisco II)
San Francisco Ban Part III
San Francisco IV - The Final Chapter

OPINION Piece in HA'Aretz - that circumcision will be rejected by the Jewish People????

NEWS IN EUROPE (GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND) - These are links to news articles.
Not always in chronological order - but the latest news is at the bottom

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