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Saturday, March 3, 2012

News Monitor: New York

I am not a fan of metzitzah b'peh - using the method that involves direct oral contact of the mohel to baby.. That is no secret. And stories like this one just make me mad.

At the same time. The article is rather pathetic. Not a single person is named. Not the baby, nor his parents, nor the mohel, not even the spokesperson.

While I find stories like this to be reprehensible, I am skeptical of an article that seems to muckrake through bringing up the 2004-5 incident again for no other reason than to revisit a topic which has had little media attention for seven years.

If the article named names and actually contained information I might hail it. For now, I am more disappointed in the newspaper than the "purported" mohel.

Bring proof and whatever the truth is will win the day.

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