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Monday, March 26, 2012

Top Referring Searches and some stats

This website is a blog which has seen much traffic in the two and a half years it has been up. Blogger recently changed its interface and my ability to navigate it. I have just discovered that the top "search terms" which send people this way are the following: "jewish moyle" "moyle Jewish" and "moil Jewish."

The Hebrew term for this profession is מוהל "MOHEL" - though the "H" is dropped in some Yiddish pronunciations (or at least sounds like it is dropped) which has somehow influenced the American perception of the title. [Here is the top visited page, and here is the second highest visited page]

[Though I think this should be the most visited page]

I suppose the Seinfeld episode has a lot to do with it too.

Here are the countries hosting some of those looking to
United States, Ukraine, Israel, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg, China.

I am so flattered and glad that is reaching such a diverse audience. For those seeking from far and wide - I do travel and would love to participate in your family's bris. And if you have someone local, I am happy to play the small role I get to play through the information shared here.

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