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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Postponing a Bris

I was asked recently about jaundice, and whether it might delay a bris.

In my experience, jaundice rarely causes a bris to be delayed.

 In simple terms, a delay of a bris will come about if a baby has a condition, which, if untreated, could bring about the baby's death. Typically if the baby needs to go on antibiotics to treat something (as opposed to as a preventive measure), the bris will be delayed.

For very small babies, see this posting

For a systemic issue, we'll typically wait 7 complete days (7 twenty-four hour periods) from the time the danger passes and the baby is medically cleared.

For something which is not systemic, or even regular physiological jaundice that DOES cause a delay, the bris can be done as soon as the specific issue heals or is resolved.

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