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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Looks Swell - Doesn't it?

In the "milah" (circumcision) component of the Bris Milah, the intent is to remove the foreskin and the underlying mucosal membrane from atop the glans.

No two circumcisions turn out exactly alike. In some cases more foreskin is removed, in some cases less. In some cases more membrane is removed, in some cases less. The angle of the incision as well as the amount of membrane removed (or left behind) will determine what the final look will be once all is healed.

Which brings us to the swelling. If the membrane and the frenulum didn't swell after the bris, most circumcisions would look awesome immediately. Alas, there is sometimes swelling. And depending on the degree of swelling, things might not look as nice as we want them to for perhaps even a few weeks.

I don't put pictures of this nature in my website, because I don't take pictures of before and after. Nor would I post them anyway. But I found this pdf file online that has pictures (on page 16) of the few days process (between 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks) of post-circ swelling. Hopefully it does not get more extreme than this.

Some of my colleagues suggest waiting three months before getting all excited. 

But then you run into the Chubby Baby Syndrome and the Fusion Challenge

Swelling isn't swell, but at least it doesn't last forever.

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