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Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's Worth A Phone Call

Someone from NY recently told me of a negative story they had with their bris. Details are not important - while the episode is forgettable, the baby is ok - which is the most important thing.

When the story was recounted, the person said, "We wish you could have been the mohel."

To which I said, "Then why didn't you call?"

"O. We thought you wouldn't be interested in traveling."

Au contraire!

Certainly there are times when my schedule does not allow for me to make a trip. But I enjoy traveling for a bris, and I make every effort to to attend the Brisses that are a flight away! because those trips are the most fun for me on a personal level.

As for cost - don't worry about it. If it's not feasible because of the airline flight, we'll discuss that. But a standard budget for a bris usually adequately covers the travel and bris expenses.

So pick up the phone and call me, and let's discuss the options - as we AVOID the negative stories due to my overprotective approach to doing the bris on time and giving the baby the best possible care. 

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