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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inquiries Welcome

Travels, multiple-bris days, and certain areas in FL come in spurts. There are busy times as a mohel, and there are slower times.

But the inquiries come ALL the time. Just to share a few snippets from the last few days:

  • Our baby's bilirubin count shot up to 21 the afternoon before his bris, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. What should we do? Do the bris on time, or delay it?
  • My parents are Jewish. But I am a Messianic Jew (who believes Jesus is the Messiah). Will you do the bris on my son?
  • Our twins were born at 34 weeks and weigh in the 3.5-pound zone. When would the bris take place?
  • Do all participants in the bris ceremony have to be Jewish? What if the baby's father is not Jewish?
  • Why should I use you (or any mohel) instead of a doctor?

Every one's circumstance is unique. Everyone has a personal story. Every child is a miracle. And every tale is one step in a special journey of life. Thank you for bringing me in to playing a small part in your life - whether the inquiry is in Florida, Connecticut, Illinois, Nebraska, Puerto Rico, Washington (state). I am glad you found my website and called me to chat. Cheers!

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