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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mohel in Hollywood (Florida), will travel too

There's a nice ring to being a mohel in Hollywood.

There are a couple of mohels I know of who carry the moniker "Mohel to the Stars." One is in California, and the other is in New York.

But I live in Hollywood, FLORIDA, and other than everyone else's children, the only stars I see on a regular basis are the ones visible in the clear night sky. Which you can't see in New York (I lived there many years) or in smog-filled LA (I'm told). Maybe you can in LA. I don't know.

Though I'm based in Hollywood and don't do too many celebrity brisses, I am ready to travel. Other than the brisses I've done in Florida, I've done brisses in farther places (for an East Coaster) such as Seattle, WA, Omaha, NE, many places in NY, NJ, PA, and CT, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico. Not to mention the number I've done in Israel.

It's always exciting, always new, always an honor and privilege to serve, and to meet parents going through the birth and bris of their son, so soon after his arrival. It is also amazing to watch, no matter how old or young the parents, no matter how experienced as parents or inexperienced, how the arrival of a new baby (boy or girl) is remarkably a similar experience for all. Joy, elation, disbelief, appreciation for the miracles of God, hope for the future, and anticipation of the rocky yet joyous road ahead.

I've done the brisses of many "first child"s, many "first son"s (after one or more daughters), as well as many siblings (parents who called me again), and, in a few cases, the third or fourth or fifth or sixth son in a family. Some families come from different cities, and some families are looking for a different experience than what they've had in the past.

I look forward to participating in your son's bris when the time comes, and hope you will have a similarly rewarding experience with me, as I know I will have with you.

Even though I don't carry a card which reads "mohel to the stars."

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