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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taking Decor to a Whole New Level

In my time as a mohel, I have worked with over a thousand people. In all this time, I have worked at brisses on every point on the extremity line.

The smallest event was attended by three people. It was in a tiny apartment, with people who did not want anyone present beyond the baby's parents and the sandak.

I am debating in my mind which of a few events qualify as the biggest event. Should I consider the one with seven hundred guests the biggest? How about the Independence Day triplets (all boys)? Perhaps the one in a Jewish Center of a wealthy community, which had bounce-houses, a magic show, and other events for the children while the adults had an endless supply of Kosher Chinese food?

I guess everything is relative.


I have NEVER seen anything like this before. The Jewish Hostess... I don't know what to say!

Let's try this - the standing lollypops are made up of flowers.

No. I was not the mohel at this event.

But if anyone would like me to be a mohel at a similar event, my phone number is 516 850 9694. Call whenever you like.

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